Thursday, 27 January 2011

Why travel?

The first time I travelled far away from home was a relief I suppose to the boredom and routine of our over stimulated and comfortably lifestyles, that promotes us to do stupid things like I have continued to do, since my first trip to Sri Lanka which opened up the world of travelling to me.
Shortly afterwards I found myself to set foot in India for the first time….which quickly helped me to get over any personal problems I had at this time, when I realised to even to have the freedom to be able to choose, in the name of fun and entertainment is a bit of a wake up when you realise the freedom and choices we have, compared to what we see when travelling.

The first few times it is easy to get into the usual tourist traps and vices that these places offer, but very quickly it changed the way I see things, it really is the best education you can get. The more differences I see in culture, the more questions it leaves me with and the more I saw myself, the more I thought about everything. There is no one way to live, many ways to live, to think and to act, what is 'normal'? so much prejudice, so much  hate and intolerance, because we humans make divisions, divisions cause friction which causes many atrocities in our history past and present.
Travelling opens up this void for me and made me realise how we judge without true knowledge without experience. Normally we just see ideas and information through third party information, filtered and edited for effect, until you decide to turn it off and go look for yourself.

Travelling makes me humble.

I hold dear in my heart the many simple, financially poor but rich individuals that have shown me so much humanity, love and hope.

I decided travelling with a bike this time will have less impact and deliver the more real experiences than the way I have travelled before. I travel because I do not know what else to do that will deliver me from this capitalistic, destructive, greedy, wasteful human race.
With this very much in mind I hope to find and learn about other ways to live, simple, low impact, economical, healthy living. I want to use the woofing organisation  as stop off points during the journey, to learn about organic farming and how it is managed in various climates and conditions.
Life is a journey of discovery, so rich now with the available knowledge, we have no excuse not to be living healthier, happier and more free.....

Love, light, peace, freedom.