Thursday, 14 April 2011

nearly time to go

Weighs the same as a Honda Goldwing...!

The bike is finally packed and ready to go.

My last few possessions now have been sold leaving me totally dependent on just my bike and its burden of things attatched to it.

I sold my van for 333 euros, and my bike No.2 also for 333 euros, I thought to try to be symbolic with the numbers as 3 was Nicol Teslas favourite number, and anything divisible by it, so if you bought both my van and the bike for a total of 666 euros then maybe the devil had bought himself a real bargain...?

I was trying to be reasonable and did not want to take too many things, but in the end the bike was so well designed to carry lots of extra things that I thought it would be a shame not to take advantage of its design and decided to take as much as possible, therefore I ended up carrying my stomach and its endless appetite, a whole bag dedicated to cooking, plus five 1.5 liter plastic bottles filled with reserves of rice and mixed grains, which I strapped underneath the low rider carriers between the wheels, my only fear on such a journey is not having enough food and water, as I am planning now to cross a dessert or two then this is a good exercise to see how many days of autonomy I can sustain, to be able to carry at least 30 liters of water also.

333 euros, yes you missed a real bargain

333 euros, yes another real bargain.
I plan to leave here from the south of France in about two weeks, then cycle back to the UK to see my friends and family, then I set off from there through east Europe, Romania, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, cross the dessert of Rajasthan and into India.