Thursday, 29 November 2007

Singalia treck

This was a great little treck with excellent views of Kangenjunga,
The embarrasement passed as we were soon rewarded by the first rays of light to illuminate the distant mountain, along with hundreds of watchfull eyes and cameras. A big tourist attraction, but good to see nature like this doing its best.

A total of 5 easy days, reaching a maximum altitude of 3636m.

I extended the walk a further two days to let my guide take me to a few alternative places, as I was enjoying the freshness of the landscape.
Sikkims highest mountain. I decided to do this walk after seeing this mountain for the first time from a nearby vantage point that was close to Darjeeling, called `Tiger Hill` whereby I walked two hours from where my guest house was in the middle of the night, hoping to sleep at the top and awake early in the morning to be the first one there, only to be awoken very early in the morning by hoards of Bengali tourists that were now peering over the edge of the car park wall, hacking, coughing, spitting, where I had unknowingly slept, much to their amusement as I emerged quickly from the leaves and branches.

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