Thursday, 20 November 2008

Bangkok fever

I left France on the 19th November at around 19:19am, on board a flight bound for Bangkok in seat No 19a already an interesting sequence of numbers, which gave me a sense of significance, but what, why, when and how I still have not worked that out yet. I like to take notice of these little details in life as I am sure it comes up with these things just to test who is paying attention or not........

Life likes people with a sense of adventure; it comes out from hiding to meet us half way.

So now it begins. I am feeling very lucky to be travelling again. Since the first time just a few years ago when some close friends of mine convinced me I should go to Sri Lanka with them. I had been having some bad turn of events in life and was feeling a little lost, dazed and confused, which was probably due to the great French red wine that I had discovered, found comfort in and became very happy with that year, many a bottle sat listening to my stories of true happiness and despair without judging me, it was a perfect relationship for a while, in a way they were like all the elegant women that I had dreamt of, they had such lovely bodies, perfectly formed, smooth curves, dark complexion, long neck and no head,  which was perfect because they never talked back. Well my imagination never did need much to set it off spinning down some rabbit hole to appear in another world.
That year was a bit of a blur I must say which started to disappoint me wasting time like this, so with that and a little work that I was fortunate to pick up, I was occupied enough until something came along to inspire me further......well those first few steps into a totally different culture of strange sounds, sights, smells, and real banana trees instead of the plastic ones in the supermarket, real fruit and vegetables that did not taste like plastic ones in the supermarket, certainly aroused some dormant enthusiasm cells. I am eternally grateful to some close friends Clive and Sabine for helping me take these first exciting new steps towards the light again, but maybe the travelling has become just another vice to substitute the other ones!

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