Thursday, 24 February 2011


Auchwitz, Poland

What can I say about this place that could possibly describe the enormity and scale of horror that words struggle to penetrate.

But as I struggled to comprehend it all and fight back the tears in disgust of my own humanity that breeds such hatred towards others, it becomes obvious to me that this is just scratching the surface to many other horrors that are less publicised, that have happened and are still happening today. We can cry for these poor souls who have suffered and for the relatives who still remember and continue to suffer, for me it reflects my distaste for all kinds of racism and intolerance of other people that appear different to us, whilst we still have these divisions within our minds then we are still causing and attributing to such horrors that happened in this place. We all must stop judging and dividing each other and become one human, humane, caring, intelligent species.

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