Saturday, 11 December 2010

a bit of politics

Hi everyone….yes  its nearly Christmas, so here is my cheerfull, Christmas Eve message

A summary of this year for me.

The world is changing.

Nature is changing.

Politics and attitude towards life needs to change because it does and is effecting us all, we are suffering, the economy and the planet is suffering, maybe war or some overdue imbalance of this planet is inevitable based upon what I feel and what I have learnt about.
I did not make it to the UK as I planned for Christmas, mother nature came up with her own itinery that I had to take heed of, with arctic conditions, currently still many people are stranded and roads blocked.

The gulf stream is slowing down as predicted ten years ago, which will cause great extremes of temperatures, the UK and this part of Europe will have more of these conditions that they are being experiencing today and are evolving towards Russian winters.
Some of this is a part of a natural cooling/warming cycle of the planet, but it is not helped by our attitude towards nature thinking we can keep taking from her and abusing the balance.
Politics, greed and the struggle to survive because of huge, unfair differences between countries and the imbalance of resources is effecting a beautifull, natural world that is dying.
Many people are forced to abuse their surroundings, because they have forgotten what it is all about. Or are forced to prostitute themselves and their natural surroundings for the exchange of currency. Capatalism destroys, exploits, abuses this world.
We must realise that without nature, nothing can continue to exist.
We must start to give back instead of taking.
The Kogi Indians are the last caretakers of this world, a fascinating, ancient civilisation, our elder brothers who have been living with nature very closely for thousands of years in perfect balance, living simple lives only taking what they need, yes we all cannot live like these people, but they have a huge knowledge of the natural world, they understand very well the importance of respect and balance within it, it is the key to how they have managed to survive to this day after decades of persecution by invaders looking to rape and plunder the natural, rich resources of this area. They have been forced to retreat now to live high up in the Venisualian mountains where they have had to refine their skills with nature even further to be able to survive in these harsh conditions. They are more competent than our most highly educated scientists who today are trying to learn as much as they can from these native Indians, but unfortunately because they have been persecuted and hunted so much they are too distrusting of our world, as they see the harm and experience the effects that we are doing, they seem to know everything that is happening and going to happen, they have a complex, highly advanced language which is based around emotion, sounds which telepathically describe huge concepts and realisations, an advanced way of communicating which they implement to debate and divine  the correct  decisions in organising their community and living with nature. They communicate with us on a lower level using a form of Spanish, they have sent a final message to us, in very simply terms that we can understand, to say we must listen to them we must understand that we are destroying the delicate balance of nature, the planet is dying.

The Kogi own nothing, they have no concept of ownership as they live as a community with a common objective to care for the land that in return cares for them and educates them about the nature of all things. Everything is shared and worked for together. Nothing to steal or to be jealous or fearful of. Imagine that?
Glaciers are retreating. I have been lucky enough to see with my own eyes, in the Everest region, Kumba valley just two years ago, I compared a photograph that was taken just seven years ago, about a third of the glacier had dissapeared. This is when you experience what it feels like to burn yourself for the first time, no one can describe it until you actually experience it, things are accelerating towards a big crash. These glaciers feed and enrich the valleys below that are now getting dryer and dryer, eventually they will become dry arrid desserts, no trees mean no air.
The Kogis are seeing the same things effecting their region of the Amazon, if this place dies everything will follow.
The Amazon rain forest, feeds the planet with vital air for us to breathe, we cannot survive without this forest. Politics have caused such poverty and greed in this region that the people living there have compromised this natural balance by cutting and selling the wood. The resources are getting dangerously low, scientists and the Kogis have predicted what will happen if it continues, nature globally will die, desserts and poisonous air to breathe is the future.

Just a fraction of what is happenning, because of lack of vision and greed.
Its easy not to believe it, its easy to think it will not be in our lifetime so why bother to think about it, it is easy to have fun instead, its easy to not have the energy because of our stressfull, complicated lifestyles, its easy to let our own personal goals and desires take priority, its easy to think what difference can I make, but if one person can make just one other person think and act differently, then that person could influence someone else and the effect will be expodential and global.
Travelling and living very much outdoors although it started out as entertainment and a way to find myself again has made me more aware of nature, and unfortunately made me think about politics, which I never wanted to know about, but because of the questions it leaves me with when seeing all the suffering and imbalance in this world, that is actually happening now and will effect all of our futures and our childrens future, if we allow these ideas to even exist in our minds, without questioning it all, then that in itself is allowing it to continue.  I don’t write to people to provoke or disturb them, or to make them think I am better than them, I have learnt that I am nothing and very happy to realise this, to let go of my own stupid petty egotistical pursuits of pleasure, entertainment and distractions. I do write to somehow justify within myself this imbalance that I have experienced, that this time of year magnifies the waste and imbalance of it all even more. I do believe it and I do care about this world. I would like to think it can change, it needs to change, it just needs seeds to grow in human minds, some experience, a thought, a concept to take hold from within, then what is within also becomes outside.

To have a sense of something bigger than our own narrow view of the world.

We are spirits living in a material world.

Mother nature is our only source of security and comfort.
We are all one, no matter what colour, race, religion. “I and I” the Rastafarian refer to each other, I like this idea they make no difference of you, me, I, so you become I, we are both the same.

Kogi Indian message

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