Thursday, 19 May 2011


9 days, and over 1000 km.

Moncorneil-Grazzan to Dax 150km
Dax to Messange 50km
Messange to Cap Ferret 150km
Cap Ferret to Isle de Oleron 162km
Isle de Oleron to St Hilaire des Loges 126km
St Hilaire des Loges to Chalonnes 125km
Chalonnes to Evron 123km
Evron to St Germain de Livet 138km
St Germain de Livet Le Havre 97km


the beat of your heart is the rythm of your soul
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I was trying to take it easy, but it was just too interesting to just keep going, trying to find my limitations with this bike and myself, in the end averaging about 120km a day, but still leaving me enough time to rest, feed and to take in some places of interest along the way. More importantly no more sore ass........ I love this bike.
tout le monde...!

So a great ride so far up this side of France, tranquil villages and through kilometers of pine forests up to Cap Ferret excellent cycle paths and great places to stop and camp.
arriving at dusk first sight of the ocean west coast France, near Cap Ferret

hours of peaceful cycle paths

more hours of forest cycle paths

ferry crossing from point de grave to le Verdon

Bridge over to Isle de Oleron

Next we go to the UK, a few more hills to climb in Wales, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and I am sure the rain will be waiting for my return also......good old England...!

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