Sunday, 25 December 2011

Azub 5

It is Christmas, so finally me and my bike have a few days to rest and reflect, as I  look out over the sea from a little beach hut, south of Goa in Gokarna, Om beach.......somewhere, west across all that ocean was where I had ridden from. It seems amazing even to me and I often rewind the memories. I remember every road, mountain, country and all the conditions these places put me and my Azub through.

What a great journey and very impressed how well this Azub 5 has dealt with it all, it really has had some hard times, carrying weight, bad roads and always being pushed hard by my demands to get even further than before, so at just over 15000km now it has really proved itself as a very strong, comfortable and reliable way of travelling.

The bike has caused much attention everywhere, appeared on TV and many newspaper articles, sometimes I wish I could make it invisible, or at least have someone to answer all the thousands of questions that occur daily, and why not because it looks like a spaceship has well done to Azub, a really great bike and a company passionate about their product, if anyone is thinking of such a journey or considering a recumbent please, please, please talk to Azub first

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