Wednesday, 11 January 2012


OM beach, Gokarna.

The last day ride to Gokarna was hot, hilly and long, finally after 146km I reacched Gokarna as night was closing in, mosquitoes biting, sweaty, dusty and no idea where to go from here, but soon found myself heading back out of town and climbing up a hill which kept going up, getting a bit frustrated this time of the day with huge pot holes in the road to add to the discomfort of pushing already overtired resources......I thought beaches were supposed to be at sea level I was thinking, which made me smile and soon enough everything changes, hills do not climb forever and sure enough beaches were on sea level.

A great reunion with friends and a much appreciated bottle of cold beer.

After over six months of cycling this was to be the first time to actually stop and rest, what a strange feeling...!

 ...Plenty of time to, well done Fabien, old techniques re learnt and passed on, I tried to do it myself last week creating a lot of heat and then collapsed in a pool of sweat......phew not easy.


Jungle guest house, Om beach, fantastic rustic beach huts set back in the jungle under a canopy of lush green, extremely peaceful, I did not think about cycling at all and time quickly dissolved.

Amazing food at Ganesh restaraunt, the best I have seen so far.

My life is my message..!

beware of these, totally unpredictable, but peaceful dosile creatures of the night....a rare glimpse of one during waking daylight hours...

Om shanti OM.........

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