Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Quinta Da Miserella

Awakened life Project, Coimbra, Portugal

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After observing a few of my courgettes not bee-ing pollenated and having to go around every morning engaging myself in a bit of courgette fore play. I started to think about this problem and its solution.

My garden needs bees I realized, and soon after that realization came a mail from the Awakened life organisation that I had subscribed to, thinking one day I would like an excuse to visit them and attend one of their courses, along came a bee keeping day that they were advertising, amazing coincidence...I have to attend I decided.

A long journey from where I am in the Algarve but the drive through this beautiful part of Portugal was worth the journey, which was then only enhanced further with the progression of the next few days. I did intend to leave after the bee keeping day, but I had such a good day with everyone and an opportunity afterwards to attend a further 2 days learning about Permaculture.

Huge thank you to Les Crowder http://www.fortheloveofbees.com/ for his time and over 35 years experience of organic bee keeping that he shared with us, again his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for bees was a pleasure to have had this contact with.

The enthusiasm, passion and general ambiance of this place was just gorgeous, and I am still humbled to have been involved with and made for much easier to digest the enormous wealth of information received in such a few days, these people have many years of experience have themselves amassed a huge amount of information and resources that they are offering to share, with such passion and enthusiasm it is impossible not to be permanently impressed, and as I said the area and location is just amazing, an ideal place for introspection and learning all aspects of living and bee-ing.

Well done to them and I wish them continued happiness, bliss and success in spreading this energy to others.

.......Thank you.......

Les Crowder sharing his organic bee keeping experience

Amazing, lovingly prepared raw organic food, grains.... literally you become buzzing with energy.

Yurt location in dreamland

Yoga/meditation hall

Laura, a wealth of knowledge and experience with permaculture, plants, gardening and again speaking with such passion it is impossible not to be inspired

 Big smiles for everyone

Sharing, learning.....Eve-olving

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