Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chezch Republic

Stribo - orlik nad vlatvou 123km
orlik nad vlatvou - jihlava 121km
jihlava - bruno 121km
bruno - uherske hradiste 98km
uherske hradiste - cachtice 48km

 The return to the Chezch Republic...

It seems not so long ago that I was here with my friends, Fabien and Melanie, after making a little road trip last winter, from the south of France, to visit Azub who helped us put together the bike I am using now, their Azub 5, so now after cycling nearly 4,500 km it has proved itself to be a very comfortable and trouble free ride.

A quiet evening contemplating life and rich sunsets, wondering how long this perfection will last and where it is all going?

getting a little lost

someone did get lost and stayed!

My birthday, July 16th in the middle of a field and a perfect program to watch on this TV called life.

Honza, from Azub, preparing an Azub trike for me to play with this day
Hmmmm yes, canopy, solar panels and an electric motor...later maybe!

I left the Azub factory, following a cycle path that led south, the same one in fact that we first tested the bikes out on, seemed fitting now to be starting out from here on that same path, but now to just keep going past and beyond.

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