Monday, 18 July 2011


Four countries in one day, not bad going, now I will enjoy a few days riding through germany towards Chezch Republic.

Dunkurque - Duoai 134 km
Duoai - Montcornet 124km
Montcornet - Montmedy 132km
Montmedy - Schweich, France, 4 countries in one day, Belguim, Luxumberg, Germany 117km
Schweich - Broden Bach 130km, beautifull cycle paths, following river from Koblenz, Limburg, Villmar
Broden Back - Villmar 122km
Villmar - Budingen 109km, beautifull medieval village
Budingen - Frammersbach 60km
Frammersbach - Hassfurt 103km
Hassfurt - Speichersdof 125km
Speichersdof - Stribo 126km Chezch Republic


Velcomme Deutchsland

Hot, hot and very hot
Seeds, beer and a german flag?
This day I found some seeds, then a cold beer in a river and then a German flag.....could there be any symbolism in this little riddle......not sure, still waiting to sow my seeds I guess.

No matter how hard you try,some battles you will not win...

I know there's pirates here somewhere......

Great cycle paths, rivers

3000km...the first repair, just a spoke to replace, front wheel.

I knew it....! German pirates.........
....drunk Pirates
Talking of drinking....

 Lots of big beer, big beards, bigger leather women, breasts with biggger beards and plenty of thigh, wench slapping fun and the occasional goat and one Camel.

....Three glasses of mead and the rest was history as they say, a great night here, totally unexpected.

I tried to video some of the music, its a bit dark but the sound is OK...

Theres the Camel....the goat was too quick and ran away.

A little rest now, my bike seemed to have found some other friends to play with before we head off to the Chezch Republic.

I got lost a few times in Germany, and every time I found my way was by cycling upthe nearest hill, normally the biggest one that has the big wind turbines on the top....and sure enough I found my road again.....dont quote me on that, just works for me.

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