Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hot news here in Dubai!

Yeah right next to Mettalica, a blast from my own past....go on boys show them.

Or if you really want to make things hotter, go for the Chilly willy.....

Bloody big, medium and minimalistic, how far do you want to go? and how much is it going to cost you in energy, the balance and the choice is yours....?

Good beach at Dubai, and even a cycle path all 2 km of it....!
Come on Dubai more trees,more green, more places for people to ride, skate, and take to the outdoors. Escape your air conditioned cubicles.

Thank you, merci beacoup, shukria, to all the people here....shanti shanti...

Thank you to all the people I have met here in Dubai, so many people,  so many nationalities, all have been so friendly and always offering to help in some way, even if its just to make me smile.
Special thanks to Ambaresh, who I met the first day here and has been checking on me daily and helping me ever since, driving me to places, information and help with processing my Indian visa application, really thank you all of you, I never forget people with big hearts.

 Ambaresh, standing taller than any skyscraper. Thank you so much for all your time, help and friendship. Hope to catch up with you in India.



 I treated myself to what I thought was going to be my last night in Dubai, dangerous presumptions....so I went to find a restaraunt, hunting for a dish I had only eaten once before in Nepal and have been scared to try it again since, in case I would be dissapointed, but I experienced my second best ever Vegetable Kofta Malai, the chef here produced the finest food, really reccomend this place. You can find them in the Atrium center, Bank street, Bur Dubai

My Indian visa is ready today, and now with the power of the press behind a little bit maybe the doors of opportunity will open a little more...as this seems to be my last door, window or porthole that I am trying to squeeze through, and running out of ports to run around, now my last chance seems to be at Port Al Hamiyra, about 3 km outside Dubai. If there are anyone following my footsteps then this will save you a big run around too. 
I was told many small wooden boats come and go from here to India and that 6 months ago someone did travel from here, so it is possible.

I showed the newspaper article to the guys at the security gate and explained I was trying to continue my journey to India, trying not to take any flights, with this they told me to turn up in the morning with my Indian visa, hopefully they will clear me through their customs and we can start the process to find a captain who will agree to let me travel with them. 

Well it has taken many days of running all over the place, speaking to many people, so hopefully the wheels of fortune will be turning in my favour again and soon be writing new chapters in the book of life...Inchallah.

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