Friday, 28 October 2011


Lights, camera, action

 Oh myGod....I think I love TV......
Hmmm what a great bike...

Never thought this was going to happen today, its all that wierdness you are sending to me Surf Boy!!!....keep it up, going to be a crazy story soon.

I spent many of my first few days here in Dubai, walking up and down Port Saheed, looking for a cute wooden Dhow boat, in my mind I was determined to travel just like Michael Palin did when he was here and travelled to India this way.

My optimism took a roller coaster ride from that day to now, 1 week later, still searching, still hoping.

Meanwhile I had contacted the press and got my story printed, trying to open a few more doors this way and also to inspire other people to follow their dreams as far as possible.

Well still no boat on the horizon, but now even more people are stopping me every day to say that they saw me in the paper, ask me about my journey and to take photos. I am really impressed with the enthusiasm and support from everyone here in the UEA, but still I am hoping for some guidance towards finding transport out of here, so I can continue this story, as I am just as excitied as everyone else is to know how it all will end, or even whats written on the next page, so for now the curtains are still closed, everyone is eating popcorn, drinking cola and waiting for the show to start again. Especially me!!!

Yesterday was the bit where the roller coaster ride had left you with a fantastic, exhillerating feeling in your stomach full of anticipation and uncertainty, then suddenly everything comes to a stop, as it starts climbing up slowly to the top again.
I was sure, the security guys was sure, the goats in the wooden boat were sure that had just arrived, then suddenly left in their own roller coaster way, being abruptly thrown out into the back of a truck.....destination who knows.

With as many clear hand signals as I could, I asked some of the guys if the boat was from India and if I could travel with them, I get a positive Hindi head shake that could mean either yes or no, leaving them with a no blame whatsoever situation, that they did or did not agree or even say anything, so this has started to be my main problem now, the language barrier.

After getting through all the hard work of actually getting the right information which port to go to I had started my enquiry first from port Saheed, then port Rasheed, then port Jebel Ali, to finally get good information that boats from India were entering into port Hamiyra, and they are trickling in everyday, so you have to keep turning up in the morning, take a translater with you, even better one of the security guys who can speak Hindi, and eventually I am sure you will get a result. I was told by some of the people working there that they had seen a few people travel through here, some hippies with a vehicle, and a few with bikes/motorbikes, so it has been done, it is possible.

I got through  security no problem, they checked me into customs and immigration who had no problem, providing you have passport and visa for your destination, and a captain of a ship willing to take you, all you need to do then is to find the captain, who is probably drunk in some whoar house in Dubai, and take him to the office so he is clear that you are allowed to travel through here, sounds simple does'nt it!!!

I will keep trying for a few more days, hoping now the power of TV may open some more doors, especially portholes, but maybe I have to accept a failure this time and take a flight instead. Would be a shame. Inchallah!!!

Big thank you to 'Dubai one' who put out a special request live on TV asking if anyone out there could help me get to India.

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