Friday, 25 November 2011

follow your dreams

 Mr 67,000km

OK he has had a comfortable life since those days, but still working just as hard in the community and politics.
Lovely, warm, loving familly. Thank you for a great night together

We stopped very briefly at a local market to buy a few fresh things, when a man presented himself to us, shook our hands and welcomed us to his village, saying he also was a cyclist and would we like to come to his house to rest.

I was immediately taken by his presence, and confidence, he seemed to have a strong and interesting personality.

We joined in at his home and learned that he had cycled together with his wife a total of 67,000km over a period of 6 years, travelling all over India and into Europe and Scotland, he met many important and interesting people along the way. As we are doing and continuing to do, seems life enjoys presenting these coincidences for people prepared to go out there and chase their dreams, so that will be mymessage from now on,as many people keep asking me 'what is your message,why are you doing this'

I hope people to have dreams and believe they can follow them, you just have to take those few first brave steps into the unknown, then life will come out from hiding and meet you half way.

Follow your dreams

Listen to no one

except the beat of your own heart

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