Friday, 25 November 2011

India, Rajhastan

The jungles of Gujarat now have shrunk to the size of shrubs and trees, all too many of them now are armed with needles, spikes the size of pitch forks, making camping a treachorous journey for our tyres, hidden under the sand like land mines they attack mercillessly, it has been a regular dissapointment to wake up just about to start the day to find both tyres flat.....again....!
exposed patches of sand, and strange long legged beasts called camels all laugh at our pathetic attempts to move across this stuff.
This looks like a candle has melted, but is in fact the form of Shiva, who is formless

Hunuman, monkey God
Anna,in Annaland that is know as Ahmedabad

Colour, chaos, noise, aromas, sweet and spicy a real journey of the senses

Mathiue and Anna

Very good artist we met and he even drem my portrait, the first time for me.

A good team forming

Sketching portraits

On the road again.....

Invited for morning tea and to meet the 'family'

Big Cotton market

...And they think my bike is strange?

sometimes there is no road

....sometimes there are sheep

....but mostly there are people...always

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