Thursday, 1 March 2012



Who knows at the start where these journeys may lead us to, it is an unwritten story waiting to happen, a story which is unfolding each day, every kilometer as we follow maps, follow directions, meeting people along the way, new information, new ideas, new goals and objectives.

Now after 17,000km ideas of cycling around the world seems less important, I have challenged myself to a point where I am satisfied and overcome many obstacles to get to where I am, being rewarded for my efforts with such natural wonders and exhilarating rides through a variety of geographical locations, meeting many different interesting people and cultures along the way.

I discovered new abilities and limitations, and were surprised actually how much you are able to achieve, physically and mentally, there really is nothing in this world that is impossible if you are determined and brave enough to follow your dreams.

Now I have a new challenge to put on an art exhibition, based upon the journey, a visual description from the start to the present moment.

Whilst visiting Anna, an Indian friend of mine that I met many years ago now, who is living in Ahmedabad, I met an old man of 78 who introduced himself as an artist, very quickly we started talking and I explained I am also very interested in art and have been trying to record my journey as much as possible by keeping a sketch book, and gave it to him to look at, as with many other people I have shown along the way, they all seem to be very interested to see the variety of places which I have tried to capture, I was not that aware people would be so interested, he urged and inspired me to put on an exhibition, there in Ahmedabad as he was a member of a large society of artists who would all be very interested to be involved and to help, so why not I thought.
Anna started telling me about her sister who was working for a non profit organization ` Hamro Chahana Nepal` that is helping to support underprivileged remote villages in Nepal, they have been doing some great work and made many improvements in these areas, such as building schools, distributing clothes, health awareness , but desperately always need funding so that they can help more.  That is where I suggested maybe if we make this exhibition public enough, get as much media attention as possible maybe we could promote this charity, make it a charity exhibition. Personally that filled me up with more inspiration and felt it was a way in which I could give something back, particularly to people like these in the remote villages that I have met along my journey, who have invited me into their villages and homes, fed me and want nothing more than contact, to share cultural differences and ideas, curiosity and a beautiful exchange of smiles.

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