Thursday, 1 March 2012

exhibition paintings


Sketches and paintings depicting the people and lifestyle of the `Bote` communities living in Darpuk, Palpa district of Nepal.

These paintings will be displayed on the 24th and 25th May 2012 at Blossom Gallery, Ahmedabad, India.

Any inquiries or donations or purchase of artwork please send message at bottom of this post along with your E-Mail ID and I will contact you. Thank you for your support.

fish trap 600by400

Kerala 600by400

old but wise 600by400

shadows of the past 600by400

Nameste 600by300

grandma Bote01 400by600

Grandma Bote 400by600

Friendship 600by400

Memories 400by600

Tribal Dance 600by400

Crucifixtion 300by500

Paani 300by400

hunger 400by600

Joyani dream 800by600

Montage of drawings from 6 year old Joyani Sharma who wanted to help with the exhibition so produced her own work of art. She would love to have someone make an offer on her painting and know that she has helped these people of Palpa

power 600 by 400
innocenceII charcoal 600 by 400

Panni 600 by 400

playtime 600 by 400
Ink drawings made on site using sharpened bamboo sticks and sugar cane strips.

the village A4

home from school A4

Rita Bote, making Sadri A4
Mending fishing net
Panni pouri A4
Traditional house A4

site of new school A4
a splash of colour A4
removing corn husk A4
A place to think A4

Panni pouriII A4
Basket making A4

Darpuk A4

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gavin,
    it is probably to late, but if not, we would be interested in

    Kerala 600by400 20 EUR
    The village A4 15 EUR

    for Ales

    and Old but wise for me 20 EUR.

    As a company we would really like to have an original of the one with tent and recumbent about 20 EUR.

    If those are sold, let, me know, which are not and we may change our decisions.


    Honza Galla