Saturday, 7 April 2012

Press conference

A press conference was organised by Hamro Chahana on the 6th April 2012, 5 members of the media were invited to take an interview about my involvment with HCN, to ask questions about my journey, the exhibition and to see a small display of the pictures that I had started working on these past few weeks, shortly after returning from Palpa.

Everything went very well, HCN got some good coverage and media attention that can only help to put them more in public awarness and hopefully generate interest from new sponsors.

 Two of the most prettiest journalists I have seen arrived which added to my nerves and I was asked questions about my journey and my involvment here in Nepal with HCN,  luckily I was not too distracted and managed to answer all their questions, so thank you to these media representatives that showed up and helped to create more awarness for this charitable cause.
There is still much to be done, certainly more paintings for me to produce, that I will be continually working on over the next two months, but more importantly I need as much help as possible with the organisation, promotion and support from potential investors.

Please if anyone can help to advertise this charitable event, promote and generate potential investors, it will be a huge help to these under privilaged people of Nepal.

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