Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Building Bridges

We are staying in Kochin for a few more days, waiting for the rest of our group to arrive, so we have had time to focus a little bit on our journey ahead, were we will be cycling 850km to Auroville in Pudicherry.

Already we have experienced the first part of that road after taking a bus ride to Palakkad, showing me the worst driving I have ever seen so far, in fact I have seen people drive better after drinking 2 bottles of vodka that these guys, who seem to rely only on a few debatable particles of Krishna that seem to be between us and collision.

Therefore this time I think not to chance cycling with a group of 9 people along this part of India unless we really want to know about God once and for all!!!

After surviving the group cycling experience, details of which are here we will be giving a presentation in Auroville to say why we did it, our philosophies and what we experienced and learnt from it.

For me after travelling thousands of kilometers alone by bicycle; although it was an personal experience far beyond anything I could have imagined, it would have been better if it was shared together.

Life is best realized and enjoyed more when it is shared.

To build a new world we need to build and extend bridges between cultures, class, race and religion. Often we are surprised by the results when we remove our fear of the unknown, and give people a chance to shine.
We all need love.
It is no surprise that the number one medical condition is heart disease, because it is our hearts that are at DISS EASE and finally stop working.

Concept and building of the Matramandir .... A labour of love video

Beauty is everywhere

There are quiet places, backwaters.

Easy...no problem

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