Monday, 17 February 2014

Keeping Your Balance

Last night we were making some tight rope walking again out in the street, and many people again were curious, gathering around and were wanting to try, beautiful to see something so simple yet bought people together, in the end there were about fifty of us, man, woman, young, old all trying to balance!!! an interesting analogy to life, we are often walking everywhere all the time, but how often do we have true balance, when the path is narrow it is very difficult to balance, so maybe we should look at life as thought the path is very wide, that we have much room to balance, if we give ourselves a very narrow path then yes it will be difficult to remain balanced on that. 

Albert Eienstein said "life is like riding a bicycle you have to keep moving so as to keep your balance"

We have to remain in balance, not become dissapointed or negative, to know there are many opportunities out there, look at things from another angle or perspective, to dare, to try, to not be afraid...... maybe sometimes we are too focused on making it to the other end of the rope (afraid of failure?) these are things we grew to learn, school, education, society, instead of being taught how to remain balanced, peaceful, calm?

Tomorrow we start cycling all 7 of us. We had 3 days now preparing the group, special tests and challenges to open ourselves up to each other; our weaknesses and strengths, rather than it all being a mess along the way, I know these things working with people how difficult it can be, so it has been interesting to see the transformation now in just 3 days from not knowing each other overcoming shyness, to heated debates, finally to accepting each persons needs, weaknesses and abilities, focusing on what is our intention as a group over these next 4 weeks, and feels like we have know each other now for months, a good way to proceed with any group or organisation, I am confident we will reach much higher levels of unity, cooperation and happiness.

What is our intention? Yes to discover happiness through unity, cooperation, flexibility.....


A bit of blah blah........

Many different points of view!!!

..but with the right methods

Peaceful solutions can be found to include everyones needs

OK so there are the rules...lets try to break them!!!

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