Thursday, 10 May 2012

The story so far

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 I have reached the end of this road which takes me to Ahmedabad, India after exactly 200 days of cycling finishing in at around 19,000km in total.
After every mountain climbed, there is always another one that can be seen from the top tempting us to go further, but not every mountain has to be climbed to know how high it is.
 I am currently  involved with putting on an art exhibition here in Ahmedabad. The paintings are to be sold, and all proceeds going to charity `Hamro Chahana Nepal` which is an organisation working to help underprivilaged remote villages of Nepal, building schools, distributing supplies and creating health awareness.
Please help me to support this organisation. The paintings will be up for sale on an auction basis going to the highest bidder. Paintings can be viewed on this site by selecting the relevant blog post from the 'Blog Archieve' located on the right side bar under 'March' and selecting 'Exhibition paintings' also by selecting the 'artwork' heading at the top where there is a slide show of the paintings.
Any inquiries or donations, please post a message to me along with your E-Mail ID and I will reply. Thank you for your support.

So far just encountered a few punctures, worn out chain and rear sprockets, a bent seat bracket, a broken headlight bulb that no one here has ever seen before, but the mind body and spirit is intact, not just intact but expanding perfectly with the rhythm of the soul and spirit of traveling.
Met some great people, and so many local people, thank you to all of them who have tooted theirs horns, waved, shouted and given so much of their genuine blessings....thank you.

Fastest speed........94.8 kmh 
Wales, with a small Welsh hurricane blowing behind me, downhill towards a hairpin bend so I bottled out at 94.8kmh....phew!
Hottest day........48.8
Scariest moment
Bulgaria on a long, straight, wide road, daydreaming away whilst pumping the pedals around, I hear nothing...then...... Screeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhh........AAAAAACHSHALAAAM!
At close to warp speed a van had appeared from the other side of the galaxy, on a direct collision course with me, just as it came sliding alongside with all 4 wheels locked, suddenly over my left shoulder a disembodied voice at about 100 decibels, screamed what sounded like, AAAAAACHSHALAAAM! There was a silent nano second where I swear there were a few particles of white paint between me and oblivion, instead there was a Wooooosh and just a few brown particles as the white van screamed past, leaving a trail of thick rubber behind, just managing to lose enough speed to not hit a car ahead....I was then very much in the present moment.
Being hunted at night by angry tribal people for sleeping in a dried up water hole....? no idea what was the problem but they returned with back up, dogs barking so I decided it was better to get the hell out of there.
Best Moments
After riding a 120km day through new places, cloudless blue skies, wind behind me, smiling faces, finding a perfect place to camp, running water, soft grass beneath the feet, 29 degrees, full stomach and plenty of tea. Sun setting behind a mountain panorama, reflected in a liquid mirror, completely silent except the chirping of insects and the rhythm of your heart.
Camping out in the dessert in Iran, complete silence, full moon, under a canopy of stars.
Finally tasting Indian food in Dubai, paratha, saag, chana, aloo, gallons of chai masala.
Being handed a 500gram box of Iranian sweets from a passing car just when I was having a serious craving for something rich and sugary...Allah provided......thank you, these things were like pure sugar double deep fried in
Hmmmm best moments seem to be mostly around food!

Worst moments
Running out of tea, being hounded like movie star through 'Daran' town center in Iran. Trying to cycle in a sand storm....sand in your pants.


  1. Shame you could not show your speed passing the lorries.

    Brian G

  2. This is not only inspirational, it is also a motivation for me to get back on my recumbent bike and go! Every post I read on here makes me want to do the same, one day I hope to take a trip half as intense as yours! Good luck!

  3. yes but I was too busy hanging on to my is it going for you matey, everything good in France? take it easy anyway was good to see you again.

  4. Hi Beth, that makes my journey even more pleasurable knowing it has inspired someone else to follow their dreams....go do it and let the majick happen again for you, in your own way and style and inpire others too, thank you for your support.