Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nature Fury

I have just been reading some letters and publications in the newspapers here in India, which are subjects close to my heart and which I have been ranting on about for so long, much to the dismay of some people that are unable to see past the material bubble that surrounds them, but happy to see that other people are sharing my concerns as well. I am sure something will happen soon to restore the damage and imbalance that is happening politically and environmentally in our world. It seems only when a disaster actually effects us, our country, our community, our friends or our family, only then do people seem to want to think about these issues, let alone do anything. We do not know hunger unless we have actually been starving, we do not know loss until we lose something close to us, we do not appreciate health until we have suffered an illness, life is like that we only learn and want to make changes through experience. What a shame the world has to learn this way.

We are experiencing natures warnings already as resources are getting low, food shortages, crops failing because of severe weather changes, population increasing and the constant pursuit of profit that overwhelms all moral and environmental issues.

It makes me crazy when I imagine what could be achieved if our scientists, great minds and resources were focused on resolving these issues, rather than spending huge amounts of money and time developing weapons, funding wars, politics and armies to fight each other over what resources we have left, rather than developing intelligent, innovative and new ways to live together in harmony with our environment and working together for a common cause.

Unfortunately it means we need to change, the way we live and the way we think about life, many people do not like change, do not want to give up any of their comforts or wasteful ways, but everything is and does change, our new car becomes old, our bigger houses need more and more maintenance, our bank balances creak under the strain of an increasing economic disaster, this economy relies on consumption for it to exist, so how can we be economical and resourceful, there's no money/profit in being reasonable and economical, so credit and debt was created to support the constant need for consumption. It cannot last the way it is, as resources are finite and nature will have her day to restore this imbalance.

There are solutions for any problem, and nature has all the answers if we are prepared to look, observe and work with her instead of trying to tame her, rape her and force her to submit to our egotistical, greedy, aggressive nature. Short-sightedness, greed and material distraction is a battle we all have to fight for us to see the reality of where we are going if we continue to keep taking and not think to give anything back.

What do we need to do to make people experience something and demand change, hopefully we will not have to set ourselves alight for this to happen!

We do know what pain is until something burns us


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