Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 Visa time for Iran.....

Currently in Ezurum. I just got back from the Iran consulate today after they tried to refuse my application straight away for not having a reference number and or invite. Which I knew couldbe a problem but as I told them I am travelling by bike, now over 8,000km and very difficult to plan these things in advance, as too many things can and do change along the way. With this information they seemed very sympathetic, there was along pause and then I was told to come back first thing in the morning and they would contact the embassy and try to help me, so I am still a bit nervous, but hoping the travelling Gods will be with me tomorrow......

you will never catch me on my bike...or

....or on foot, because..
...Your just too dimentional.

...On their way to India
3,900m time for a little detour.

...Hmmmm further than it looks!

3,700m the top was just a bit knarly, but very happy to reached here to be rewarded with such peace and amazing panorama.

A cold night at 2,200m 6 degrees,it felt like -16

......fingers crossed for Iran

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