Friday, 16 September 2011


Well this is the final leg of the Turkish experience and all in all I had a great time cycling through this place, lots of photos now, new friends and many memories that will serve me to the end of my days and beyond.

Turkey there were many great places to camp, always water easy to find from sources, piknik areas at the side of the roads and plenty of petrol stations with water and toilets, a very easy country to travel, people were really easy to get on with, friendly, helpful and generous.

Bling Bling pink fluffy thing...
 My spongy seat had slowly become so compacted and eaten away I think from my spicy acid, toxic sweat, that I was imagining to find something outrageous to replace it with so I spent some time thinking about this whilst cycling, I went through various senarios which were great to pass some of the boring parts of the road, purple, pink, fluffy, real bear fur......then what do you know I found a piece just exactly the right size and shape and equally as outrageous as I had imagined......I was hoping to use this as some sort of blackmail maybe Azub would cringe so much they would send me a new one? but in the end I could not live with myself, amusing for 24 hours then decided my bike was not looking proud about itself and had served me so well I should not pimp it up like some cheap hooker.

Chai time evening in the Piknik area



Lechu.......from Argentina, we met at the Iran consulate and cycled together from here a few days towards the border, really great character a natural traveller....wish you well my friend, keep going and smile all the way.

Always great hospitality, friendly invitaions to drink tea, eat fruit.

great priorities, make sure you carry a big musical instrument and leave your tent behind....raaarrr!

Make sure you carry everything...6 bags!

Less is more, or sometimes more is more?

Amigo, friend, mon ami, we go different direction but always travelled with spirits akin.....

No Photoshop here, just pure majik of the moment, really a special night with nature.

Robert on his way to India

Hot long roads

Huge huge line of trucks waiting to enter Iran, maybe 12km.

Really proud of this, it took many many attempts with my new friend Lechu, to get it almost perfect and felt it was a great joint tribute to both of our experiences through Turkey, so thank you to these people and mother nature for these great moments in her gorgeous garden.

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