Saturday, 13 August 2011


Budva - Lezhe 107km
Lezhe - Burrel 78km

Now things start to change a little more now, quite a poor country and certainly feeling like east has met the west here....weast maybe.
Very friendly, helpful humble people, I had a great time with them always wanting to know what, who, why, where. The bike was making a huge impact here, they never seen anything like it, cars tooting their horns, people waving, smiling and generally giving great encouragement.

A real 'wild' Tortoise.....just look at its teeth and the way it tried to attack my bike....I had to wait three hours for it to run away...before it was safe enough to return tomy bike....phew that was a close one.

This one came rampaging into my camp, ate all my carrots, pissed on my mat and left...dam them!

Really rough rods here, this was marked as a main highway..!

Spending a bit of time with curious locals, cool happy.

Yeah some of your super high octane stuff...

Read the writing on the wall......and a little message from me....wish all the world could feel the love that is all around if you allow it, black, white, yellow, green lets all be clean in our Gandhi said..."the only devils running around in this world are the ones in out own hearts" true, lets not judge anyone.

These guys owned a hotel, I just stopped to ask them how to find the way up to a castle/ruin that I could see from here, then they invited me in to drink something, and we talked, they cooked food.....a huge platter of meat, salad, and a pudding, would not accept anything, just enjoyed meeting and talking to someone different, so many times this has happenned when I have travelled away from what I am used to closed doors, fear and paranoia, of my own apparently civilised country...? I get more and more embarrassed of my own culture the more I travel...!

After a huge meal I pushed my Goliath up this steep rocky track wanting to spend the night at the top of a ruin, it was worth the effort, the view and the ambience.

Haaaa the melon sellers....these were great, they saw me comming and actually set up a melon 'road block' their curiosity too much to know what I was, no way to get past.  I had to stop, we ate great melon and again, just cool open hearted people....I love it.
 Albania.....a big thumbs up....thank you all these people, stay happy and smile.

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