Saturday, 13 August 2011


Rupa - Crikvenica 64km
Crikvenica - Karlobag 103km
Karlobag - Posedarje 69km
Posedarje - Sibenik 89km
Sibenik - Dugirat 92km
Dugirat - Blace 116km
Blace - Dubrovnik 96km

Sun, sea, sun, sea, with sun and sea and more sun.....really starting to be hot now every day blue skies having to get up early at around 6am to try to get a cool start to the day, but by 9am it is already 34 degrees and climbing to 40 by midday. The sea is a refreshing relief though, and a real pleasure to dive into after many sweating hours riding, crystal clear, azure blue and like bath water.

The first view of the sea...looking forward to swim.

settling down for the night, edge of a lake, warm, peaceful.

...Hmmm yes very similar

The world through my eyes.

sexy bike sillohette

A bit of a cliff to get bike and gear down, trying to find a good place to sleep, a really windy day.... was a really windy night, I heard something crash in the night, my bike was blown over....luckily it did not go over the cliff....! but bent my seat bracket and had to use some rough technique and a large brick to get it something like straight again.

Amazing, clear, warm water.

The lunch times are getting longer, trying to keep cool.

Coastline is proving to be a bit of climbing, but plenty to keep the eyes occupied..

'William' my allocated navigator....enjoying a big slag.

Sleeping without the tent most nights, just a real pleasure.

Following the costline, up...and down, but feels mostly up.

Its almost looking like parts of Asia now, like rice fileds, small lakes...certainly the temperature is the same, still hot hot hot.

Plenty of great kilometers seem to be slowing down by the day..!

Into Montenegro...I never heard of that place before.....I sneezed and it was all over very quickly.

Just after crossing over into Montenegro, tough roads.

So this is the last night with the ocean, tomorrow we part and head off into Albania.

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