Saturday, 27 August 2011


Muduru - Nallihan 63km
Nallihan - Beypazari 71km
Beypazari - Ankara 76km

Turkey just seems to get better and better the further I get into here. I love it.

It is almost impossible to get through the day without being stopped and invited to drink tea, people selling the fruit and vegetables at the side of the roads, give you fruit, bread, anything they have, so interested to know where you from, amazed with the journey you are doing, where you going and just big smiles all round, then send you off with their blessings, so happy that you stopped and spent a little time to satisfy their curiosity, do we do that to our foreigners and visiters in our own countries?

Has civilized man evolved so much that we fight and live in fear of our brothers and sisters, because that is what we all are at the end of the day, brothers and sisters, but this is the attitude we do not seem have in my country, the UK, what do we do when we see someone different? Oh he looks dodgy, out of place, be careful.

I tell you one thing I notice here, is the lack of alcohol, and wether it is because of this and/or in combination with their religious beliefs, they seem very calm, peaceful people. I have been through the big cities, through the really poor, rough looking parts, and I have not seen or heard one idiot yet like I see in other parts of the civilised world, now spreading over from the friday nights, weekends to all nights of the week.

I have not seen vandalism.

Every day morning, noon and evening all the temples have loud speakers and a man starts singing his praises to God, with a genuine passion in his voice that sends shivers down my spine sometimes, very atmospheric actually, if you can just imagine it echoing all around, sometimes I have been in what I thought to be in the middle of no where, camping and this starts up from somewhere, enhancing the nature that I am in, this immersion in life/nature, simplicity, he sings for just maybe 5 minutes, then stops, I am starting to recognise the words now as it seems to be the same song or prayer whatever it is. This part of religion I find nice, if it makes you respectful, peaceful and inspires you to live life spiritually, then maybe it would produce nice communities of people, like I am experiencing at the moment!

Maybe this is a part of something we lack in some of our countries, we believe less and less in anything spiritual, as our natural world gets covered up with more and more concrete and shops, distractions, so all we are left with is the material world, where alcohol and entertainment runs the merry go round. Yes I know this is not just our part of the world it is slowly becoming all over and spreading!

Hanna and Damien, a great couple I met this day and rode together for a few days enjoying more of these moments.

...Another perfect place to camp

..Much drier landscapes now

More of those...."Oh crap when does this road level out" the planet appears to be only hills.

....and trucks

Some beautiful layered, coloured sand stone here.

...Aaaaah I wish for all the world to be this happy.

I love like this

Now if you own this many sheep/goats, not sure what they were really you doing very well.

...Damien just shaking on the deal....he gets all the sheep!

....he's thinking about it

Ankara and be continued

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