Sunday, 21 August 2011


Many more hills and mountains to climb, through temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, my legs have become a part of my bike, my back has become permenantly recumbent, man and machine we are becoming one....

I started seeing many of these secret ground to air missile silos....

First big climb up in to the mountains, finding a quite place to rest for the night, running water and a huge pileof wood for the fire later.

Lake Prespa, a moonlight treat after descending down the other side of the mountain, free wheeling for nearly 20 minutes...woo hoo.

A great view of one of the lakes after a long climb up, and met these guys...they know who they are.

Nearly at the top, hot and sweaty.

.....and if you still have some energy left, you could always do a bit of this...

A view of lake Prespa....the other side of this long climb.

Another great peaceful place to camp, full moon just rising, still buzzing from a great descent.

Hmmmm some people warned me about the signs around here, they are a bit uncertain.

Aaaaah fruit sellers, for some reason I have a great time with these people...!

Simple life.  
All in all a great time in Macedonia, thumbs up and now looking forward to seeing Bulgaria, slowly I feel progress towards the east.

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